Not Just For Bears


At Urso& Co., we offer high-quality, small-batch products made in the USA.We prioritize fairness, dignity, and respect in all interactions, fostering asupportive culture and delivering exceptional service. Our focus is on craftingpremium grooming essentials that empower men to feel confident andembrace their individuality, elevating their grooming experiences to helpthem live their best lives.


Urso & Co. is a premium grooming brand that specializes in creating high-quality beard oils, balms, and washes designed to cater to men from allwalks of life.Wetake pride inusing natural ingredients to formulateproducts that nurture and enhance men’s grooming routines, offeringeverything from robust scents like Bourbon & Teakwood and Leather &Tobacco to refreshing blends like Citrus Vanilla and unique unscentedoptions. With a commitment to inclusivity and a playful brand voice, Urso& Co. ensures that each product is not only effective but also ethical,proudly proclaiming thatourproducts are “never tested on animals, onlyon bearish men.” This makes Urso &Co. a brand that stands for quality,community, and the celebration of all men’s rugged individuality

We are a bunch of bears who care, so please reach out if you need anything at all.