Gift Review #1 – The aficionado

To kick off our holiday gift reviews, we are going to take a look at the finer side of life. I have found some amazing products that will make your cocktail and cigar experience more fun and flavorful. Whether you want to make cocktails, infuse drinks with natural smoke, or try some flavorful cigarillos, I have something for you at a price that won’t break the bank.

Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumbler Set by Viski – $24.99

The Viski Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumbler Set are premium crystal liquor drinking glasses, perfect for lowball cocktails and bourbon. The facets sliced into the pure crystal at the base give these glasses a traditional look, while the smooth rim creates the perfect sip. These glasses are large enough to serve as double old-fashioned glasses but are also suitable for neat pours or whiskey on the rocks. They are made of lead-free crystal and the heavy bottom gives these cocktail glasses that traditional feel. This set of whiskey tumblers are a great choice if you want to treat for yourself or as a great gift for any whiskey lover.

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alterative – $29.99

During my brief time as a bartender, I discovered the Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative. This award-winning non-alcoholic spirit is specially crafted to replace traditional whiskey in the cocktails you already know and love, such as an old fashioned, a Manhattan, or a whiskey sour. It has all-natural flavors of vanilla, stone fruit, and sugar floss, for a smooth body and warming heat. It also has only 5 calories per serving, making it a healthier choice for conscious consumption. No matter if you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative lets any whiskey lover enjoy the oak, smoke, caramel, and comforting warmth of whiskey without compromising their lifestyle.

Skull Ice Molds by Foster & Rye – $17.00

This skull ice mold by Foster & Rye is a great way to spice up any cocktail. The silicone mold allows you to chill four detailed ice skulls that will add some fun to your drinks. The ice skulls are easy to make and release. You can use them for whiskey, rum, or any other spirit that you like. The Foster & Rye Skull Ice Mold is a great accessory for enjoying a chilling drink at home.

The New American Bartender’s Guide by John Poister – $16.00

Do you know someone who wants to learn how to make amazing cocktails like a professional bartender? If so, you might want to get them a copy of The New American Bartender’s Guide by John J. Poister. This book is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide that teaches everything you need to know about the art of mixology. They will discover how to measure, serve, stock a bar, and use the right tools and techniques. They will also find hundreds of recipes for classic and exotic drinks. Whether it’s hosting a party, impressing a date, or just enjoying a drink at home, The New American Bartender’s Guide will help mixologist master the skills and secrets of the bar.

Halo Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker with Torch – $39.95

Need something to take cocktails to the next level with a touch of smoke? If so, you might be interested in the Halo Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker. This device is a simple and effective way to infuse your drinks with a natural smoky flavor. The Halo Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker fits on top of most glasses and has a metal filter that holds the wood chips. You can use different types of wood chips to create different flavors, such as hickory, cherry, or apple. The Halo Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker is easy to use and clean, and comes with a jar of wood chips and a cleaning brush. It is a great accessory for any home bar or cocktail enthusiast who wants to experiment with new tastes and aromas.

Acid C-Note Cigarillos – $8.41

To top off this holiday wish list I have included a personal favorite of mine that I don’t think gets enough credit. The Acid C-Note cigars are made by Drew Estate, a renowned brand that specializes in unique and innovative blends. The cigars feature a Sumatra wrapper and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that are infused with botanicals, herbs, and oils. The result is a medium-bodied smoke with rich notes of spice, sweetness, and floral aromas. My favorite part is that the wrapper leaves the taste of honey on your lips. These are great if someone is just getting into the cigar game or is an aficionado.

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